Commit b1c7d71b authored by Alejandro Homs Puron's avatar Alejandro Homs Puron
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* Added new tags core-1.0.19, espia-1.0.11, maxipix-1.0.17, frelon-1.0.14

  and taco-camera-frelon-1.0.11
parent b8f0379c
taco @ 7545f8e8
Subproject commit 1d212115dc02295fba5bbb8b7ec6488bfb23333d
Subproject commit 7545f8e8f8d5c269eb961b64fadb1879d9f4be9e
espia @ 9a0c5952
Subproject commit 99baba493125630c2b64980e9cd525dc7d68ab75
Subproject commit 9a0c595243485361512cca621b7cb27e038b538c
frelon @ 7ee4bc2a
Subproject commit 8db2e244958b8a5c2378592512eca60e950bb7bd
Subproject commit 7ee4bc2aa8f470f3fe60a7f5af1343b8554bb1d3
maxipix @ 2dfb52f5
Subproject commit adf5baba15b115112a65adf6fe409dd758261eb7
Subproject commit 2dfb52f5ffe0d1b40c5ebfb6f5958b78de928e76
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