Commit e9aee946 authored by Laurent Claustre's avatar Laurent Claustre

Merge branch '23-expose-maximagesize-as-image_maxsize' into 'master'

Resolve "expose MaxImageSize as image_maxsize"

Closes #23

See merge request limagroup/Lima-tango-python!47
parents 51ec81da e63a16fe
......@@ -1005,7 +1005,7 @@ class LimaCCDs(PyTango.LatestDeviceImpl) :
roi = Core.Roi(*data)
## @brief Read image type
## @brief Read image sizes
def read_image_sizes(self,attr) :
......@@ -1014,9 +1014,18 @@ class LimaCCDs(PyTango.LatestDeviceImpl) :
dim = image.getImageDim()
depth, signed = self.ImageType2NbBytes.get(imageType,(0,0))
sizes = [signed, depth, dim.getSize().getWidth(), dim.getSize().getHeight()]
## @brief Read max image dimension in width and height pixels
def read_image_max_dim(self,attr) :
size = self.__detinfo.getMaxImageSize()
dim = [size.getWidth(), size.getHeight()]
## @brief Read image type
......@@ -2311,6 +2320,16 @@ class LimaCCDsClass(PyTango.DeviceClass) :
'description':"Signed ,nb bytes of depth, nb pixels of width and nb pixels of height",
'label':"Width, Height",
'description':"Max width and height in pixel",
......@@ -262,6 +262,7 @@ image_type ro DevString Return the current image data type, bit pe
image_width ro DevLong Width size of the detector in pixel
image_height ro DevLong Height size of the detector in pixel
image_sizes ro DevULong[4] Signed(0-unsigned,1-signed), depth(nb bytes), width and height
image_max_dim ro DevULong[2] Maximum image dimension, width and height in pixel
image_roi rw DevLong[4] Region Of Interest on image, [0] = Begin X, [1] = End X,
[2] Begin Y, [3] = End Y, default ROI is [0,0,0,0] (no ROI)
image_bin rw DevLong[2] Binning on image, [0] = Binning factor on X, [1] =
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