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Commit 6ca85f02 authored by bliss administrator's avatar bliss administrator

Changes for accumulation

parent da1e88ab
......@@ -41,3 +41,26 @@ def cts(exposure_time=None):
print(f"WARNING TOMO.parameters.exposure_time is 0")
print('No tomo exists in the session. Please use select_tomo() to define one')
def set_accumulation(detector, max_acc_expo_time):
det_def_chain = DEFAULT_CHAIN._settings.get(detector)
if det_def_chain is not None:
acq_settings = det_def_chain.get('acquisition_settings')
detector.acquisition.mode = 'ACCUMULATION'
detector.accumulation.max_expo_time = max_acc_expo_time
raise Exception(f'{} is not configured in default chain for accumulation')
def unset_accumulation(detector):
det_def_chain = DEFAULT_CHAIN._settings.get(detector)
detector.acquisition.mode = 'SINGLE'
if det_def_chain is None:
raise Exception(f'{} is not configured in default chain')
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