Commit 0126e3e0 authored by bliss administrator's avatar bliss administrator
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Add functions to start/stop synchronization and check free space on lbs pc

parent e988671c
import os
from bliss.setup_globals import *
from import *
from import BlissDialog
......@@ -11,6 +12,8 @@ from import *
from import BlissDialog
from bliss.config.static import get_config
from bliss import setup_globals
from bliss.common.logtools import *
_TOMO = None
def init_tomo(tomo):
......@@ -106,3 +109,22 @@ def feclose():
def psp():
print(f'sx {} sy {} sz {} yrot {setup_globals.yrot.position}')
def start_synchro_lbs():
os.system("ssh lbs191 sudo /root/")
def stop_synchro_lbs():
os.system("ssh lbs191 sudo /root/")
def lbs_free_space():
process = os.popen('df -h /lbsram')
result = process.readlines()
mem_use = [item[:-1] for item in result[1].split(' ') if '%' in item]
mem_use = int(mem_use[0])
mem_available = 100 - mem_use
msg = f"\n\033[1mIt remains {mem_available}% of free space on lbs\033[0m\n"
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