Commit d33f6497 authored by Emmanuel Papillon's avatar Emmanuel Papillon
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add airpad hooks for 3dxrd (wago pulse)

parent 3963ff68
from gevent import sleep
from bliss.common.hook import MotionHook
from bliss.common.logtools import log_debug
class AirpadWagoPulseHook(MotionHook):
def __init__(self, name, config):
self.config = config = name
self.wago = config["wago"]
super(AirpadWagoPulseHook, self).__init__()
def _add_axis(self, axis):
if len(self.axes):
axis_name = list(self.axes.keys())[0]
raise ValueError(
"Cannot attach WagoAirpadHook {0!r} to {1!r}. "
"It is already attached to {2!r}".format(,, axis_name
super(WagoHook, self)._add_axis(axis)
def set(self, phase):
channel = self.config[phase]["channel"]
wait = self.config[phase].get("wait", 0.1)
log_debug(self, f"start {phase}, pulse on {channel} for {wait} sec.")
self.wago.set(channel, 1)
self.wago.set(channel, 0)
log_debug(self, f"finished {phase}")
def pre_move(self, motion_list):
def post_move(self, motion_list):
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