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Commit b78d80f3 authored by Emmanuel Papillon's avatar Emmanuel Papillon

fscan preset

parent 85af51d7
from bliss.config.static import get_config
from bliss.common.scans import DEFAULT_CHAIN
from bliss.scanning.chain import ChainPreset
from bliss.scanning.scan import ScanPreset
def set_frelon_trigger():
......@@ -46,3 +47,41 @@ class CountMuxPreset(ChainPreset):
self.opmux.switch("CAM2", "ON")
self.opmux.switch("CAM3", "ON")
self.opmux.switch("MARANA", "ON")
"frelon1": ("CAM1", "CAM1"),
"frelon2": ("CAM2", "CAM2"),
"frelon3": ("CAM3", "CAM3"),
"marana": ("MARANA", None),
class FScanMuxPreset(ScanPreset):
def __init__(self, opmux, fsh):
self.opmux = opmux
self.fsh = fsh
def set_fscan_master(self, master):
self.limadevs = master.lima_used
def prepare(self, scan):
def start(self, scan):
self.soft_fsh = True
self.opmux.switch("TRIGGER_MODE", "MUSST")
self.opmux.switch("MUSST", "BTRIG")
for dev in self.limadevs:
(cam_mux, shut_mux) = CAM2MUX[]
self.opmux.switch(cam_mux, "ON")
if shut_mux is not None and self.soft_fsh is True:
self.fsh.mode = shut_mux
self.soft_fsh = False
if self.soft_fsh:
def stop(self, scan):
if self.soft_fsh:
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