Commit b2e48689 authored by Christophe Cleva's avatar Christophe Cleva

Corrected label processing: added missing strip() on label attribute

parent a70a67f7
......@@ -501,10 +501,11 @@ class MetadataManager (PyTango.Device_4Impl):
for l in self.labels:
aa = l.split("=")
if len(aa) > 1:
self.info_stream("Label: %s" %aa[0])
param = PyTango.Attr(aa[0], PyTango.DevString, PyTango.READ)
pname = aa[0].strip()
self.info_stream("Label: %s" % pname)
param = PyTango.Attr(pname, PyTango.DevString, PyTango.READ)
self.add_attribute(param, MetadataManager.read_label, None, None)
self.labels_map[aa[0]] = aa[1]
self.labels_map[pname] = aa[1]
#----- PROTECTED REGION END -----# // MetadataManager.initialize_dynamic_attributes
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