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# Patched
It allows to make the zip file even if the files are missing.
It generates a report listing the missing files:
# Archiving Report
# Restoration completed successfully with warnings
[WARNING] Missing file /data/id30a1/inhouse/opid30a1/20181126/RAW_DATA/AFAMIN/AFAMIN-CD024584_B04-3_2/MXPressA_01/opid30a1-line-AFAMIN-CD024584_B04-3_2-line-AFAMIN-CD024584_B04-3_2_3_2450915.h5
[WARNING] Missing file /data/id30a1/inhouse/opid30a1/20181126/RAW_DATA/AFAMIN/AFAMIN-CD024584_B04-3_2/MXPressA_01/opid30a1-id30a1-line-AFAMIN-CD024584_B04-3_2_3_2450915.h5
\ No newline at end of file
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