Commit 6f41c1c1 authored by Alejandro De Maria Antolinos's avatar Alejandro De Maria Antolinos
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MX done

parent 7fd2c836
......@@ -3,8 +3,10 @@ import Moment from 'react-moment';
import { Grid, Row, Col, Image } from 'react-bootstrap';
import './DatasetSummary.css';
import EMDatasetSummary from './EMDatasetSummary';
import MXDatasetSummary from './MXDatasetSummary';
import GalleryDatasetThumbnail from '../GalleryDatasetThumbnail.js'
import { getDatasetParameterValueByName } from '../../../helpers/DatasetHelper.js';
import { getDatasetParameterValueByName, getDatasetParameterByPrefixName } from '../../../helpers/DatasetHelper.js';
import ParameterTableWidget from '../../Instrument/ParameterTableWidget.js';
class DatasetSummary extends React.Component {
......@@ -25,6 +27,13 @@ class DatasetSummary extends React.Component {
return <EMDatasetSummary dataset={this.props.dataset}></EMDatasetSummary>
/** some MX datasets has no definition but we can figure out that it is MX because will have many MX_ parameters */
if (getDatasetParameterByPrefixName(this.props.dataset, "MX_").length > 1){
/** It is MX */
return <MXDatasetSummary dataset={this.props.dataset}></MXDatasetSummary>
return (
<Grid fluid style={{margin:'20px'}}>
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