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# These configurations files are ignored and managed locally. These scripts will be copied from example when running the npm script configure that is called from npm run-script build
# See for more about ignoring files.
# personal folders. Not for production
# dependencies
# testing
# production
# Configurations files
# misc
# Local environment files
# Dependencies
# eclipse
# Build outputs, reports and cache folders
# Logs
# Miscellaneous
# Runtime data
# Directory for instrumented libs generated by jscoverage/JSCover
# Coverage directory used by tools like istanbul
# nyc test coverage
# Grunt intermediate storage (
# Bower dependency directory (
# node-waf configuration
# Compiled binary addons (
# Dependency directories
# TypeScript v1 declaration files
# Optional npm cache directory
# Optional eslint cache
# Optional REPL history
# Output of 'npm pack'
# Yarn Integrity file
# dotenv environment variables file
# next.js build output
# Personal folders
......@@ -69,13 +69,14 @@ npm run-script configure
## Environment variables
Environment variables are loaded automatically from [environment files]( (`.env`, `.env.test`, etc.) Create React App reads the files based on the Node environment (`NODE_ENV`).
Create React App loads environment variables from [environment files]( (<kbd>.env</kbd>, <kbd>.env.test</kbd>, etc.) according to the Node environment (`NODE_ENV`).
File <kbd>.env</kbd> is loaded in every environment with the lowest priority and is therefore used to declare default values and development fallbacks.
The following variable is currently loaded from the environment:
The following portal configuration variable is currently declared in <kbd>.env</kbd>:
- `REACT_APP_ICATPLUS_URL` - the URL of the ICAT+ server (cf. <kbd>src/config/icatPlus.js</kbd>)
- `REACT_APP_ICATPLUS_URL` - the URL of the ICAT+ server (used in <kbd>src/config/icatPlus.js</kbd>)
In development, you can override any of the portal variables defined in `.env` by creating a file called `.env.local`. This file will not be committed to version control.
In development, you can override this variable by creating a file called `.env.local`. This file is ignored from version control.
## icat.js
......@@ -15,8 +15,6 @@
"doc": "npm run Readme:ConfigDoc:ICAT && npm run Readme:ConfigDoc:ICAT:ReplaceCodeSection && npm run Readme:ConfigDoc:ICATPlus && npm run Readme:ConfigDoc:ICATPlus:ReplaceCodeSection && npm run Readme:ConfigDoc:Config && npm run Readme:ConfigDoc:Config:ReplaceCodeSection",
"Readme:ConfigDoc:ICAT": "node ./node_modules/jscat/bin/jscat src/config/icat/icat.example.js | node ./node_modules/injectmd/bin/cli.js -t configurationICAT -i",
"Readme:ConfigDoc:ICAT:ReplaceCodeSection": "./node_modules/replace/bin/replace.js '<!--START configurationICAT -->' '<!--START configurationICAT -->\n```js' && ./node_modules/replace/bin/replace.js '<!--END configurationICAT -->' '```\n<!--END configurationICAT -->'",
"Readme:ConfigDoc:ICATPlus": "node ./node_modules/jscat/bin/jscat src/config/icat/icatPlus.example.js | node ./node_modules/injectmd/bin/cli.js -t configurationICATPlus -i",
"Readme:ConfigDoc:ICATPlus:ReplaceCodeSection": "./node_modules/replace/bin/replace.js '<!--START configurationICATPlus -->' '<!--START configurationICATPlus -->\n```js' && ./node_modules/replace/bin/replace.js '<!--END configurationICATPlus -->' '```\n<!--END configurationICATPlus -->'",
"Readme:ConfigDoc:Config": "node ./node_modules/jscat/bin/jscat src/config/ui/config.js | node ./node_modules/injectmd/bin/cli.js -t config -i",
"Readme:ConfigDoc:Config:ReplaceCodeSection": "./node_modules/replace/bin/replace.js '<!--START config -->' '<!--START config -->\n```js' && ./node_modules/replace/bin/replace.js '<!--END config -->' '```\n<!--END config -->'",
"complexity-report": "./node_modules/.bin/es6-plato -r -d ./public/report src",
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