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# NXstress Examples
Documentations of the the new *NXstress application definition*:
Documentation of the new *NXstress application definition*:
......@@ -123,9 +123,7 @@ def iter_esrf_point_fitresults(point_url, separate=True):
"mergetitle": f"Diffractogram (det_azim={det_azim} deg)",
nxdataparams["name"] = f"diffractogram_{orgdetname}_roi{i:04d}"
nxdataparams["title"] = (
f"Diffractogram (det_azim={det_azim} deg, ROI {i})",
nxdataparams["title"] = f"Diffractogram (det_azim={det_azim} deg, ROI {i})"
nxdatainfo = {
# "stackaxisvalue": f"det_azim={det_azim} deg, roi{i:04d}"
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