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Add video playback example

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......@@ -197,6 +197,26 @@ No more than three secondary colours should be used together in a composition. G
\begin{frame}[t]{Video playback}
\item Videos can be played from within the presentation:
\item This may or may not work on Windows machines, but tested to work on Linux.
\item This requires a supporting presenter, \emph{e.g.} \textbf{pdfpc}.
\item Also, at least the ``base'', ``good'', ``bad'', and ``libav'' GStreamer plug-ins should be installed.
\item The video file should be in the defined path (it is not embedded into the presentation, but linked to it).
\item If for any reason the video will not play, the embedded image will be displayed statically instead.
\begin{frame}[t]{Tips \& tricks}{This is a slide subtitle (optional!)}
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