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Add high-level helpers for synchronized run

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......@@ -19,9 +19,11 @@ __all__ = ['init', 'init_handel', 'exit',
'get_spectrum_length', 'get_spectrum', 'get_spectrums',
'is_channel_running', 'is_running',
'get_module_statistics', 'get_statistics',
'get_buffer_length', 'get_raw_buffer', 'get_buffer',
'is_buffer_full', 'is_overrun', 'set_buffer_done',
'get_buffer_length', 'get_raw_buffer', 'get_buffer_data',
'is_buffer_full', 'is_buffer_overrun', 'set_buffer_done',
'get_buffer_current_pixel', 'get_current_pixel',
'any_buffer_overrun', 'all_buffer_full', 'set_all_buffer_done',
'get_all_buffer_data', 'synchronized_poll_data',
'get_baseline_length', 'get_baseline',
'load_system', 'save_system', 'start_system',
'enable_log_output', 'disable_log_output',
......@@ -208,7 +210,7 @@ def get_module_statistics(module):
# Get raw data
channels = get_module_channels(module)
data_size = 9 * len(channels)
master = next(c for c in channels if c != -1)
master = next(c for c in channels if c >= 0)
array = numpy.zeros(data_size, dtype='double')
data = ffi.cast('double *',
code = handel.xiaGetRunData(master, b'module_statistics_2', data)
......@@ -229,58 +231,103 @@ def get_statistics():
# Buffer
def get_buffer_length(channel):
def get_buffer_length(master):
length ='unsigned long *')
code = handel.xiaGetRunData(channel, b'buffer_len', length)
code = handel.xiaGetRunData(master, b'buffer_len', length)
return length[0]
def is_buffer_full(channel, buffer_id):
def is_buffer_full(master, buffer_id):
bid = to_buffer_id(buffer_id)
command = b'buffer_full_%c' % bid
result ='unsigned short *')
code = handel.xiaGetRunData(channel, command, result)
code = handel.xiaGetRunData(master, command, result)
return bool(result[0])
def is_overrun(channel):
def is_buffer_overrun(master):
result ='unsigned short *')
code = handel.xiaGetRunData(channel, b'buffer_overrun', result)
code = handel.xiaGetRunData(master, b'buffer_overrun', result)
return bool(result[0])
def get_raw_buffer(channel, buffer_id):
def get_raw_buffer(master, buffer_id):
bid = to_buffer_id(buffer_id)
command = b'buffer_%c' % bid
length = get_buffer_length(channel)
length = get_buffer_length(master)
array = numpy.zeros(length * 2, dtype='uint16')
data = ffi.cast('uint32_t *',
code = handel.xiaGetRunData(channel, command, data)
code = handel.xiaGetRunData(master, command, data)
return array[::2]
def get_buffer(channel, buffer_id):
raw = get_raw_buffer(channel, buffer_id)
def get_buffer_data(master, buffer_id):
raw = get_raw_buffer(master, buffer_id)
return parse_mapping_buffer(raw)
def get_current_pixel(channel):
def get_buffer_current_pixel(master):
current ='unsigned long *')
code = handel.xiaGetRunData(channel, b'current_pixel', current)
code = handel.xiaGetRunData(master, b'current_pixel', current)
return current[0]
def set_buffer_done(channel, buffer_id):
def set_buffer_done(master, buffer_id):
bid = to_buffer_id(buffer_id)
code = handel.xiaBoardOperation(channel, b'buffer_done', bid)
code = handel.xiaBoardOperation(master, b'buffer_done', bid)
# Synchronized run
def any_buffer_overrun():
return any(is_buffer_overrun(master)
for master in get_master_channels())
def all_buffer_full(buffer_id):
return all(is_buffer_full(master, buffer_id)
for master in get_master_channels())
def set_all_buffer_done(buffer_id):
for master in get_master_channels():
set_buffer_done(master, buffer_id)
def get_current_pixel():
return max(get_buffer_current_pixel(master)
for master in get_master_channels())
def get_all_buffer_data(buffer_id):
result = {}, {}
for master in get_master_channels():
sources = get_buffer_data(master, buffer_id)
for source, dest in zip(sources, result):
for key, dct in source.items():
dest.setdefault(key, {})
return result
def synchronized_poll_data():
if any_buffer_overrun():
raise RuntimeError('Buffer overrun!')
current_pixel = get_current_pixel()
for bid in ('a', 'b'):
if all_buffer_full(bid):
spectrums, statistics = get_all_buffer_data(bid)
return current_pixel, spectrums, statistics
return current_pixel, None, None
# Baseline
def get_baseline_length(channel):
......@@ -447,6 +494,12 @@ def get_channels():
if channel != -1))
def get_master_channels():
"""Return one active channel for each module."""
return [next(channel for channel in groups if channel >= 0)
for groups in get_grouped_channels()]
# Not exposed
# int xiaNewModule(char *alias);
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