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Add get_all_channels

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...@@ -289,9 +289,16 @@ def get_module_channel_at(alias, index): ...@@ -289,9 +289,16 @@ def get_module_channel_at(alias, index):
def get_module_channels(alias): def get_module_channels(alias):
"""Return the module channels properly indexed."""
number_of_channels = get_module_number_of_channels(alias) number_of_channels = get_module_number_of_channels(alias)
return [get_module_channel_at(alias, index) return tuple(
for index in range(number_of_channels)] get_module_channel_at(alias, index)
for index in range(number_of_channels))
def get_all_channels():
"""Return the indexed channels grouped by modules."""
return tuple(get_module_channels(alias) for alias in get_modules())
# Not exposed # Not exposed
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