Commit 1cae1261 authored by Vincent Michel's avatar Vincent Michel
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Some API calls don't exist for FalconX

parent 266adaaa
......@@ -39,21 +39,12 @@ int xiaDoSpecialRun(int detChan, char *name, void *info);
int xiaGetSpecialRunData(int detChan, char *name, void *value);
int xiaLoadSystem(char *type, char *filename);
int xiaSaveSystem(char *type, char *filename);
int xiaGetParameter(int detChan, const char *name, unsigned short *value);
int xiaSetParameter(int detChan, const char *name, unsigned short value);
int xiaGetNumParams(int detChan, unsigned short *numParams);
int xiaGetParamData(int detChan, char *name, void *value);
int xiaGetParamName(int detChan, unsigned short index, char *name);
int xiaBoardOperation(int detChan, char *name, void *value);
int xiaMemoryOperation(int detChan, char *name, void *value);
int xiaCommandOperation(int detChan, byte_t cmd, unsigned int lenS, byte_t *send, unsigned int lenR, byte_t *recv);
int xiaExit(void);
int xiaEnableLogOutput(void);
int xiaSuppressLogOutput(void);
int xiaSetLogLevel(int level);
int xiaSetLogOutput(char *fileName);
int xiaCloseLog(void);
int xiaSetIOPriority(int pri);
void xiaGetVersionInfo(int *rel, int *min, int *maj, char *pretty);
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