Commit 0f5e36fe authored by Vincent Michel's avatar Vincent Michel
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Remove FalconX workarounds

parent 22522cc9
......@@ -184,14 +184,6 @@ def is_running():
def get_module_statistics(module):
channels = get_module_channels(module)
# FalconX requires a spectrum read for the statistics to be updated
if get_module_type(module).startswith(u'falconx'):
for channel in channels:
if channel >= 0:
except HandelError:
# Prepare buffer
data_size = 9 * len(channels)
master = next(c for c in channels if c >= 0)
......@@ -341,7 +333,7 @@ def get_all_buffer_data(buffer_id):
return merge_buffer_data(*data)
def synchronized_poll_data(done=set()):
def synchronized_poll_data():
"""Convenient helper for buffer management in mapping mode.
It assumes that all the modules are configured with the same number
......@@ -369,14 +361,6 @@ def synchronized_poll_data(done=set()):
# Overrun from hardware
if any_buffer_overrun():
raise overrun_error
# FalconX hack
# The buffer_done command does not reset the full flag.
# It's only reset when the buffer starts being filled up again.
# For this reason, we need to remember full flags from the previous call.
# This is exactly what the done set does.
done &= full # Reset done flags
full -= done # Don't read twice
done |= full # Set done flags
# Read data from buffers
for x in full:
data[x] = get_all_buffer_data(x)
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