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Conda recipes
This repository stores the conda recipes for several projects:
- jsonpickle
- libglu
- lima
- louie
- omniorb
- pychooch
- pymca
- pyqt
- pyqwt-qt3
- pytango
- pytango-devel
- qt
- qub-qt3
- silx
- tango
- v4l2
- timedisplay
- xcalibu
How to build a package manually?
Go to the recipe and directory and run:
``` none
$ conda build . \
--prefix-length=80 \
--output-folder=../dist/ \
--python=$PYTHON_VERSION \
Continuous integration
Gilab CI is configured to build the corresponding conda packages using a specific build environment.
The packages are uploaded to one of the following private channels, depending on the configuration:
- `` (i.e. `/segfs/bliss/source/admin/conda/`).
- `` (i.e. `/segfs/bliss/source/admin/conda-devel/`).
The builds can be customized by editing `.gitlab-ci.yml`.
Anaconda cloud
The private channels are also mirrored on the anaconda pulbic channels `esrf-bcu` and `esrf-bcu-devel`.
The channels can be synchronized using the following commands
``` none
$ source activate root
$ conda install anaconda-client
$ find /segfs/bliss/source/admin/conda -name "*tar.bz2" | xargs anaconda upload -u esrf-bcu --force
$ find /segfs/bliss/source/admin/conda-devel -name "*tar.bz2" | xargs anaconda upload -u esrf-bcu-devel --force
make install
name: libdeep
version: 1.0
- make
- {{ compiler('c') }}
license: LGPL
summary: libdeep provides some basic functions to communicate with ESRF ISG devices
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