Commit d866b9b3 authored by Valentin Valls's avatar Valentin Valls
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Update the recipe to update the files

- xargs was hiding and cancelling the request
parent fba34ec9
......@@ -58,6 +58,6 @@ The channels can be synchronized using the following commands
``` none
$ source activate root
$ conda install anaconda-client
$ find /segfs/bliss/source/admin/conda -name "*tar.bz2" | xargs anaconda upload -u esrf-bcu --force
$ find /segfs/bliss/source/admin/conda-devel -name "*tar.bz2" | xargs anaconda upload -u esrf-bcu-devel --force
$ anaconda upload -u $USER_NAME --force /segfs/bliss/source/admin/conda/*/*tar.bz2
$ anaconda upload -u $USER_NAME --force /segfs/bliss/source/admin/conda-devel/*/*tar.bz2
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