Flint: Display curves from many scans

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Closes #1936 (closed)

This MR provides a tool to display curves from many scans into a curve plot

A tool (1) is provided to enable a scan accumulation mode.

This mode allow to display the same curve from many scans. For example roi1_sum/time for the scans #4, #3, #2. If one of the scans do not follow the curve selection constraint, it will not be displayed.

In this mode when a new scan is displayed, the previous scans are still remained and displayed, with a maximum amount of scans. The amount (2) can be changed.

The list of displayed scans is shown and scans can be removed. The history tool (3) can be used to load a previous scan. Scans will always be ordered by datetime.

Two strategies are available to pick the colors for the curve plot. This are automatically selected.

  • If a single curve is selected, each scans will use a different color
    • That's the recommanded way to use this mode
  • If many curves are selected, the curves from the last scan will use different colors, others curves will be displayed in grey


This MR also introduce few model/view widget in bliss.flint.widgets.data_views which fit further clean up like #2433

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