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Rework scan_info acquisition chain

Valentin Valls requested to merge valentin.valls/bliss:rework-scan-info into master

Closes #2687 (closed)

This MR rework the scan info in order to:

  • Provide device definition
    • Explicit relationship with triggered devices
    • Explicit relationship with channels
  • Simplify "acquisition chain" content
    • Relationship between top_master and devices, instead of top_master and channels
    • No more data dim in the structure


  • Generate the changes in the scan_info
  • BLISS Update the code reading scan_info
  • Flint Update the code reading scan_info
  • Writer Update the code reading scan_info
  • Optionally remove the dead code
  • Put a kind of documentation (probably in the scan_info module)
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