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Add poissonian filter

parent 3af4dd59
......@@ -402,7 +402,13 @@ class SimulationCounter(Counter):
class _Signal:
"""Helper to provide a set of predefined signals"""
"""Helper to provide a set of predefined 1D signals
name: Name of the shape of the signal. See `SIGNALS`.
npoints: Number of points generated for this signal
poissonian: If true the signal is randomized with poissonian filter
def _missing_edge_of_gaussian_left(npoints, frac_missing):
......@@ -476,14 +482,20 @@ class _Signal:
"linear_up": lambda npoints: numpy.linspace(0, 1, num=npoints),
def __init__(self, name: str = "sawtooth", npoints: int = 50):
def __init__(
self, name: str = "sawtooth", npoints: int = 50, poissonian: bool = False
if name not in self.SIGNALS:
raise RuntimeError(f"Signal name '{name}' undefined") = name
self.npoints = npoints
self.poissonian = poissonian
def compute(self) -> numpy.ndarray:
return self.SIGNALS[](self.npoints)
signal = self.SIGNALS[](self.npoints)
if self.poissonian:
signal = numpy.random.poisson(signal)
return signal
class FixedShapeCounter:
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