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port data-port are not customizable via .conf file (for now).

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......@@ -82,16 +82,23 @@ beacon-server --db-path=~/local/beamline_configuration --redis-port=25001 \
Custom Redis configuration file can be specified with `--redis-config` and
`--redis-data-config` arguments.
`--redis-data-config` arguments:
beacon-server --db-path=~/local/beamline_configuration \
--redis-port=25001 \
--redis-data-port=25002 \
--redis-conf=~/local/redis.conf \
`port`, `data-port` and `maxmemory` can be customized in local configuration file.
Custom configuration file allow to change redis settings like `maxmemory`
or I/O threads in a local configuration file.
!!! note
Port numbers in redis configuration file will be ignored, always specify
`--redis-port` and `--redis-data-port` to customize the redis listening
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