Commit eca98ae9 authored by Matias Guijarro's avatar Matias Guijarro
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Merge branch '2793-ci-of-master-is-broken' into 'master'

Resolve "CI of master is broken"

Closes #2793

See merge request !3763
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......@@ -515,7 +515,7 @@ def validate_instrument(
assert content["@NX_class"] == "NXcollection"
# The value of the L and P datasets is `True`, `False` or `None`.
# A dataset value of `Ǹone` which is skipped by dicttonx;
maxkeys = {"@NX_class", "L1", "L2", "L3", "L4", "L5", "L6", "L7", "L8", "P0"}
maxkeys = {"@NX_class", "L1", "L2", "L3", "L4", "L5", "L6", "L7", "L8", "P0", "P9"}
assert not (set(content.keys()) - maxkeys)
content = dictdump.nxtodict(instrument["machine"], asarray=False)
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