Commit eae90318 authored by Wout De Nolf's avatar Wout De Nolf
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scan_meta: fix ScanMeta copy issue

parent 54b889b3
......@@ -201,17 +201,22 @@ class ScanMeta:
def _metadata_copy(self):
mdcopy = dict()
for category, metadata in list(self._metadata.items()):
mdcat = mdcopy[category] = dict()
for name, values in metadata.items():
# A deep copy of an object method appears to copy
# the object itself
if not callable(values):
values = copy_module.deepcopy(values)
mdcat[name] = values
return mdcopy
def copy(self):
return self.__class__(
metadata=self._metadata_copy(), timing=copy_module.copy(self._timing)
# TODO: does this really need to be a deepcopy?
# there is a pretty weird thing e.g. in mulitposition
# when one replaces
# scan_meta_obj.instrument.set(self, lambda _:self.metadata_dict())
# with
# scan_meta_obj.instrument.set(self, self.metadata_dict)
def used_categories_names(self):
return [ for n in self._metadata.keys()]
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