Commit e9804b73 authored by Valentin Valls's avatar Valentin Valls
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Update the API for consistency

parent 94765731
......@@ -1994,13 +1994,13 @@ class RegPlot:
self.fig.submit("setGraphGrid", which=True)
# Define the plot content
self.fig.select_curve("setpoint", color="blue", linestyle="-", z=2)
self.fig.select_curve("input", color="red", linestyle="-", z=2)
self.fig.select_time_curve("setpoint", color="blue", linestyle="-", z=2)
self.fig.select_time_curve("input", color="red", linestyle="-", z=2)
"output", color="green", linestyle="-", yaxis="right", z=2
self.fig.select_curve("deadband_high", color="blue", linestyle="--", z=2)
self.fig.select_curve("deadband_low", color="blue", linestyle="--", z=2)
self.fig.select_time_curve("deadband_high", color="blue", linestyle="--", z=2)
self.fig.select_time_curve("deadband_low", color="blue", linestyle="--", z=2)
def is_plot_active(self):
if self.fig is None:
......@@ -656,15 +656,15 @@ class TimeCurvePlot(BasePlot):
self.submit("setXDuration", second)
def select_curve(self, name, **kwargs):
def select_time_curve(self, yname, **kwargs):
Append the data displayed in this plot.
Select a dedicated data to be displayed against the time.
name: Name of the data to use as y-axis
kwargs: Associated style (see `addCurve` from silx plot)
self.submit("selectCurve", name, **kwargs)
self.submit("selectCurve", yname, **kwargs)
def set_data(self, **kwargs):
......@@ -178,6 +178,12 @@ class TimeCurvePlot(qt.QWidget):
data = data[index:]
self.__data[name] = data
def getDataRange(self):
r = self.__plot.getDataRange()
if r is None:
return None
return r[0], r[1]
def setGraphGrid(self, which):
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