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# Writing a BLISS controller
Here you can find somt tips about the wrinting of a BLISS controller.
## __str__ and __repr__ methods
If implemented in a Python class, `__repr__` and `__str__` methods are
used to return information about an object instantiating this class.
* `__str__` should print a readable message
* `__repr__` should print a message that is unambigous (e.g. name of an identifier, class name, etc).
`__str__` is called:
* when the object is passed to the print() function.
* ???
`__repr__` method is called:
* when user type the name of the object in a python shell (or in the BLISS shell)
By default when no `__str__` or `__repr__` methods are defined, the
`__repr__` returns the name of the class (Length) and `__str__` calls
If a class defines `__repr__` but not `__str__`, then `__repr__` is
also used when an “informal” string representation of instances of
that class is required.
BLISS [2]: myaxis
Out [2]: Comes from __repr__
BLISS [3]: print("%r" % myaxis)
Comes from __repr__
BLISS [4]: print(myaxis)
Comes from __str__
......@@ -94,6 +94,7 @@ nav:
- Guidelines:
- Writing documentation:
- Communication API:
- BLISS controller:
- Writing a motor controller:
- Writing a calculational controller:
- Writing a MCA controller:
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