Commit e2034b4d authored by GUILLOU Perceval's avatar GUILLOU Perceval Committed by Perceval Guillou
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regulator: added properties into controller

parent df456a2c
......@@ -122,6 +122,25 @@ class Controller:
log_info(self, "Controller:get_object: %s" % (name))
return self._objects.get(name)
def inputs(self):
return self._object_filter(Input)
def outputs(self):
return self._object_filter(Output)
def loops(self):
return self._object_filter(Loop)
def _object_filter(self, class_type):
return {
name: obj
for name, obj in self._objects.items()
if isinstance(obj, class_type)
# ------ init methods ------------------------
def initialize(self):
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