Commit d8b41a0c authored by Cyril Guilloud's avatar Cyril Guilloud

added PI_E753 controller

parent 92d68e0e
from bliss.controllers.motor import Controller
from bliss.common.axis import READY, MOVING
from bliss.common.task_utils import task, error_cleanup, cleanup
import random
import math
import time
import pi_gcs
from bliss.comm import tcp
class PI_E753(Controller):
def __init__(self, name, config, axes):
Controller.__init__(self, name, config, axes) = self.get_property("host")
# Init of controller.
def initialize(self):
self.sock = tcp.Socket(, 50000)
def finalize(self):
# Init of each axis.
def initialize_axis(self, axis):
def _move(self, axis, target_pos, delta):
# def move_cleanup():
# # trucs a faire en cas de cleanup...
# self.update_position(axis, self.read_position(axis))
# self.update_state(axis, READY)
# with cleanup(move_cleanup):
# self.update_state(axis, MOVING)
# self.sock.write("MV %s"%target_pos)
# while self.sock.write_read("ST?") == "MOVING":
# time.sleep(0.01)
# self.update_position(axis, self.read_position(axis))
def read_position(self, axis, measured=False):
return self._get_pos(axis, measured)
def read_velocity(self, axis):
return self.axis_settings.get(axis, "velocity")
def read_state(self, axis):
return self.axis_settings.get(axis, "state")
def _get_pos(self, axis, measured=False):
if measured:
_ans = self.sock.write_readline("POS?\n")
_ans = self.sock.write_readline("MOV?\n")
# _ans should looks like "1=-8.45709419e+01\n"
# "\n" removed by tcp lib.
_pos = float(_ans[2:])
axis.settings.set("position", _pos)
# to move to eMotion layer (cf axis)
self.update_position(axis, _pos)
return _pos
def _get_identifier(self):
return self.sock.write_readline("IDN?\n")
def _move_to_pos(self, axis, pos):
self.sock.write("MOV 1 %g\n"%pos)
# no update position : done in movement loop ?
# return ?
def _get_status(self):
if self._get_closed_loop_status():
return self._get_on_target_status()
# print "closed loop disabled"
def _get_closed_loop_status(self):
_ans = self.sock.write_readline("SVO?\n")
if _ans == "1=1":
return True
elif _ans == "1=0":
return False
return -1
def _get_on_target_status(self):
_ans = self.sock.write_readline("ONT?\n")
if _ans =="":
return True
elif _ans =="":
return False
return -1
def _get_error(self):
_error_number = self.sock.write_readline("ERR?\n")
_error_str = pi_gcs.get_error_str(_error_number)
return (_error_number, _error_str)
def _get_infos(self):
_infos = [
("identifier ", "IDN?\n"),
("com level ", "CCL?\n"),
("Real Position ", "POS?\n"),
("Setpoint Position ", "MOV?\n"),
("Position low limit ", "SPA? 1 0x07000000\n"),
("Position High limit ", "SPA? 1 0x07000001\n"),
("ADC value of analog input ", "TAD?\n"),
("Velocity ", "VEL?\n"),
("On target ", "ONT?\n"),
("target tolerance ", "SPA? 1 0X07000900?\n"),
("Sensor Offset ", "SPA? 1 0x02000200?\n"),
("Sensor Gain ", "SPA? 1 0x02000300?\n"),
("Motion status ", "#5\n"),
("Closed loop status ", "SVO?\n"),
("Analog Setpoints ", "TSP?\n"),
("Auto Zero Calibration ? ", "ATZ?\n"),
("Low Voltage Limit ", "SPA? 1 0x07000A00\n"),
("High Voltage Limit ", "SPA? 1 0x07000A01\n")
_txt = ""
for i in _infos:
_txt = _txt + " %s %s\n"%(i[0],
return _txt
This diff is collapsed.
import unittest
import sys
import os
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "..")))
import bliss
config_xml = """
<controller class="PI_E753" name="testid16">
<host value="e753id16ni-mlm"/>
<axis name="pz">
class TestPI_E753Controller(unittest.TestCase):
# called for each test
def setUp(self):
def test_get_axis(self):
pz = bliss.get_axis("pz")
def test_controller_from_axis(self):
pz = bliss.get_axis("pz")
self.assertEqual(, "testid16")
def test_get_position(self):
pz = bliss.get_axis("pz")
print "E753 position :", pz.position()
def test_get_id(self):
pz = bliss.get_axis("pz")
print "E753 IDN :", pz.controller._get_identifier()
def test_get_infos(self):
pz = bliss.get_axis("pz")
print "E753 INFOS :\n", pz.controller._get_infos()
# # called at end of each test
# def tearDown(self):
# self.pz.controller.sock.close()
# def test_axis_move(self):
# pz = bliss.get_axis("pz")
# self.assertEqual(pz.state(), "READY")
# move_greenlet=pz.move(10, wait=False)
# self.assertEqual(pz.state(), "MOVING")
# move_greenlet.join()
# self.assertEqual(pz.state(), "READY")
if __name__ == '__main__':
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