Commit d7e749ea authored by blissadm's avatar blissadm

customization of test for ID16 example

parent 8a942c30
......@@ -101,19 +101,22 @@ NINA Interactive test :
<controller class="FlexDC" name="id16phn">
<host value="flexdcnina"/>
<axis name="fd">
<axis name="srot">
<channel value="X"/>
<step_size value="13111"/>
<target_radius value="20"/>
<target_time value="10"/>
<step_size value="13111.11"/>
<target_radius value="10"/>
<target_time value="20"/>
<min_dead_zone value="4"/>
<max_dead_zone value="10"/>
<smoothing value="4"/>
<acceleration value="1111"/>
<deceleration value="1010"/>
<velocity value="1234"/>
<acceleration value="398400"/>
<deceleration value="398400"/>
<velocity value="13111"/>
"""); a=get_axis("fd") ; print a.state()
a=get_axis("srot") ; print a.state()
print a.get_id()
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