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Here you can find somt tips about the wrinting of a BLISS controller.
## @autocomplete_property decorator
in many controllers the `@property` decorator is heavily used to protect certain attributes of the instance or to limit the access to read-only. When using the bliss command line interface the autocompletion will __not__ suggeste any completion based on the return value of the method underneath the property. This is a wanted behavior e.g. in case this would trigger hardware communication. There are however also usecases where a _deeper_ autocompletion is wanted. E.g. the `.counter` namespace of a controller. If implemented as `@property`
BLISS [1]: lima_simulator.counters.
would not show any autocompletion suggestions. To enable _deeper_ autocompletion there is a special decorator called `@autocomplete_property` that can be imported via `from bliss.common.utils import autocomplete_property`. Using the `@autocomplete_property` decorator befor the `def counters(self):` method of the controller would e.g. result in
BLISS [1]: lima_simulator.counters.
autocompletion suggestions.
## __str__ and __repr__ methods
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