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Tree view with proxified multi column

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......@@ -18,6 +18,9 @@ _logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class ProxyColumnModel(qt.QIdentityProxyModel):
"""Provides proxyfied multi columns pointing to the same source column.
It is mainly used with `modelReset`. `dataChanged` is probably not properly
def __init__(self, parent=None):
......@@ -109,6 +112,199 @@ class ProxyColumnModel(qt.QIdentityProxyModel):
return sourceModel.headerData(section, orientation, role)
class ProxyColumnStandardModel(ProxyColumnModel):
`ProxyColumnModel` based on a source model using `QStandardItemModel`.
`ProxyColumnModel` is known to segfault time to time with trees. Using
the standard Qt structure allow to get ride of this problem.
It would be good to fix `ProxyColumnModel` instead, but it's maybe not
def parent(self, child: qt.QModelIndex):
if not child.isValid():
return child
if child.column() == 0:
return super(ProxyColumnStandardModel, self).parent(child)
parentItem = child.internalPointer()
if parentItem is None:
return qt.QModelIndex()
parentIndex = parentItem.index()
return parentIndex
def index(self, row: int, column: int, parent: qt.QModelIndex = qt.QModelIndex()):
if column == 0:
result = super(ProxyColumnStandardModel, self).index(row, column, parent)
parentSource = self.mapToSource(parent)
sourceModel = self.sourceModel()
parentItem = sourceModel.itemFromIndex(parentSource)
result = self.createIndex(row, column, parentItem)
return result
def mapToSource(self, proxyIndex: qt.QModelIndex) -> qt.QModelIndex:
if not proxyIndex.isValid():
return qt.QModelIndex()
if proxyIndex.column() != 0:
parentItem = proxyIndex.internalPointer()
if parentItem is None:
parentIndex = qt.QModelIndex()
parentIndex = parentItem.index()
sourceModel = self.sourceModel()
return sourceModel.index(proxyIndex.row(), 0, parentIndex)
return super(ProxyColumnStandardModel, self).mapToSource(proxyIndex)
def data(self, index: qt.QModelIndex, role: int = qt.Qt.DisplayRole):
if index.isValid():
if index.column() != 0:
parent = self.parent(index)
index = self.index(index.row(), 0, parent)
return super(ProxyColumnStandardModel, self).data(index, role)
class DataTreeView(qt.QTreeView):
def __init__(self, parent=None):
qt.QTreeView.__init__(self, parent=parent)
self.__columnsDelegated = set()
self.__displayedColumnIds = None
self.__layoutInvalidated = False
self.__proxyModel = ProxyColumnStandardModel(self)
super(DataTreeView, self).setModel(self.__proxyModel)
def reset(self):
self.__layoutInvalidated = True
return qt.QTreeView.reset(self)
def __expanded(self, index: qt.QModelIndex):
model = self.model()
for c in self.__columnsDelegated:
for r in range(model.rowCount(index)):
i = model.index(r, c, index)
def indexToView(self, index, column=None):
"""Make sure an index can be used by the view."""
if index.model() is self.__proxyModel.sourceModel():
index = self.__proxyModel.mapFromSource(index)
if column is not None:
parent = index.parent()
index = self.__proxyModel.index(index.row(), column, parent)
return index
def indexWidget(self, index, column=None):
index = self.indexToView(index, column=column)
return super(DataTreeView, self).indexWidget(index)
def expand(self, index: qt.QModelIndex):
index = self.indexToView(index)
super(DataTreeView, self).expand(index)
def collapse(self, index: qt.QModelIndex):
index = self.indexToView(index)
super(DataTreeView, self).collapse(index)
def event(self, event):
result = qt.QTreeView.event(self, event)
if event.type() == qt.QEvent.LayoutRequest:
# A model reset remove editors and displayed columns
# But patching it during the reset is not enough
if self.__layoutInvalidated:
self.__layoutInvalidated = False
return result
def showEvent(self, event):
qt.QTreeView.showEvent(self, event)
# Editors have to be open when the widget is shown
def __modelWasReset(self):
Enforce that each editors are open.
if self.isHidden():
# After a reset displayed columns are lost
if self.__displayedColumnIds is not None:
# After a reset editors are lost
model = self.model()
for c in self.__columnsDelegated:
for r in range(model.rowCount()):
index = model.index(r, c)
def setModel(self, model):
raise RuntimeError("Model is reserved. Use setSourceModel instead")
def setSourceModel(self, model):
"""Set the model used by this view.
As this model enforce a specific proxy model, this method provides a
direct access to the model set by the business logic."""
def sourceModel(self):
"""Source model used by the proxy model enforced by this view"""
return self.__proxyModel.sourceModel()
def setColumn(
logicalColumnId: int,
title: str,
delegate: typing.Union[
typing.Type[qt.QAbstractItemDelegate], qt.QAbstractItemDelegate
] = None,
resizeMode: qt.QHeaderView.ResizeMode = None,
Define a column.
logicalColumnId: Logical column id
title: Title of this column
delegate: An item delegate instance or class
resizeMode: Mode used to resize the column
# model = self.model()
# model.setColumn(columnId, title=title, delegated=delegate is not None)
self.__proxyModel.setColumn(logicalColumnId, title)
if resizeMode is not None:
header = self.header()
header.setSectionResizeMode(logicalColumnId, resizeMode)
if delegate is not None:
if issubclass(delegate, qt.QAbstractItemDelegate):
delegate = delegate(self)
if hasattr(delegate, "EDITOR_ALWAYS_OPEN"):
self.__proxyModel.setColumnEditor(logicalColumnId, True)
self.setItemDelegateForColumn(logicalColumnId, delegate)
def setDisplayedColumns(self, logicalColumnIds: typing.List[int]):
Defines order and visibility of columns by logical indexes.
logicalColumnIds: List of logical column indexes to display
self.__displayedColumnIds = logicalColumnIds
header = self.header()
for pos, columnId in enumerate(logicalColumnIds):
currentPos = header.visualIndex(columnId)
header.moveSection(currentPos, pos)
header.setSectionHidden(columnId, False)
for columnId in set(range(header.model().columnCount())) - set(
header.setSectionHidden(columnId, True)
class ObjectListModel(qt.QAbstractItemModel):
"""Store a list of object as a Qt model.
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