Commit bf3c0e20 authored by Wout De Nolf's avatar Wout De Nolf
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Test event order in a more generic way

parent 4910b711
......@@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ import numpy
import itertools
import pickle
import logging
from collections import OrderedDict
from bliss import setup_globals, current_session
from bliss.common import scans
from bliss.scanning.scan import Scan, ScanState, ScanAbort
......@@ -752,14 +754,16 @@ def _count_node_events(
result = nodes
process_event = process_node
result = {}
result = OrderedDict()
nodes_with_event = set()
prepared_scan_received = False
end_scan_recieved = False
def process_event(ev):
"""Count events and check order
nonlocal end_scan_recieved
nonlocal prepared_scan_received
e, n, d = ev
node = n.db_name
......@@ -769,13 +773,27 @@ def _count_node_events(
assert not end_scan_recieved, error_msg
# Make sure the NEW_NODE event (if any) is the first event
# Verify event order
if e == e.NEW_NODE:
error_msg = f"NEW_NODE not the first event of '{node}'"
assert node not in nodes_with_event, error_msg
error_msg = f"Event '{}' of '{node}' arrived after the 'PREPARED_SCAN' event"
assert not prepared_scan_received, error_msg
elif e == e.PREPARED_SCAN:
error_msg = (
f"Event '{}' of '{node}' arrived after the 'NEW_DATA' event"
assert node not in result.get("NEW_DATA", []), error_msg
# Process event
if e == e.NEW_NODE:
elif e == e.END_SCAN:
end_scan_recieved = True
elif e == e.PREPARED_SCAN:
prepared_scan_received = True
result.setdefault(, []).append(node)
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