Commit b6176163 authored by Matias Guijarro's avatar Matias Guijarro
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add methods to select scan saving class in session objects according to the...

add methods to select scan saving class in session objects according to the configuration or on demand

In particular, to be able to enable/disable ESRF data policy
parent ba540f16
......@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@ from bliss.config import static
from bliss.config.conductor.client import get_text_file, get_python_modules, get_file
from bliss.common.proxy import Proxy
from bliss import is_bliss_shell
from bliss.scanning import scan_saving
......@@ -348,6 +350,19 @@ class Session:
def env_dict(self):
return self.__env_dict
def _set_scan_saving_class(self, scan_saving_class):
self.scan_saving = scan_saving.ScanSaving(
if is_bliss_shell():
self.env_dict["SCAN_SAVING"] = self.scan_saving
def enable_esrf_data_policy(self):
def disable_esrf_data_policy(self):
def load_script(self, script_module_name, session=None):
load a script name script_module_name and export all public
......@@ -417,11 +432,11 @@ class Session:
if "load_script" not in env_dict:
env_dict["load_script"] = self.load_script
from bliss.scanning.scan import ScanSaving
scan_saving_config = self.config.root.get("scan_saving", {})
scan_saving_class_name = scan_saving_config.get("class", "ESRFScanSaving")
scan_saving_class = getattr(scan_saving, scan_saving_class_name)
self.scan_saving = ScanSaving(
if is_bliss_shell():
env_dict["SCAN_SAVING"] = self.scan_saving
env_dict["ALIASES"] = global_map.aliases
from bliss.common.measurementgroup import ACTIVE_MG
synchrotron: ESRF
# the class is left to 'Basic' for the tests,
# but it must be 'ESRFScanSaving' to implement Data Policy
# on beamlines
# it is possible to switch to ESRF data policy, even in the
# test session, using current_session.enable_esrf_data_policy()
# and to come back to the default (no policy) with
# current_session.disable_esrf_data_policy()
class: BasicScanSaving
beamline: id00
metadata_manager_tango_device: id00/metadata/test
metadata_experiment_tango_device: id00/metaexp/test
tmp_data_root: /tmp/scans/tmp
visitor_data_root: /tmp/scans/visitor
inhouse_data_root: /tmp/scans/inhouse
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