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......@@ -23,7 +23,20 @@ You can register metadata generators in the setup of a BLISS session, which will
The `get_user_scan_meta()` function from `bliss.scanning.scan_meta` returns the
scan metadata object. Each metadata category is accessible via the corresponding property.
Then, the `.set()` method allows to associate a name or an object with a `.name` property
The metadata category has a `timing` property, which allows to select when metadata has
to be taken. `timing` can be a combination of:
- `scan_meta.META_TIMING.START`
- will be called at the beginning of the scan
- `scan_meta.META_TIMING.END`
- will be called at the end of the scan
- will be called when the scan has been prepared (not started yet)
Default timing in general is START. Default timing for `instrument` category is END.
Then, the `.set()` method allows to associate a name (or an object with a `.name` property)
to a function, that has to return a dictionary to be stored as metadata for the object,
for the category.
......@@ -59,3 +72,12 @@ scan_meta_obj.instrument.set("mymetadata", {"myattenuator":
"thickness": 20.,
"thickness@units": "um")
!!! note
User scan meta are collected **for each scan**. In particular, in case of dynamic metadata (when a
callback function returns a dictionary), the scan object is passed to be able to
select whether metadata has to be returned or not.
!!! note
Do not forget to remove items, if they are not needed. This can be done with `.remove()` on
the different categories.
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