Commit a62651b3 authored by Roberto Arturo Homs-Regojo's avatar Roberto Arturo Homs-Regojo
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Merge branch '2328-wago-modules-fs-are-defined-as-analog-input-only' into 'master'

Resolve "wago modules FS are defined as ANALOG INPUT only"

Closes #2328

See merge request !3165
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......@@ -323,9 +323,10 @@ def get_channel_info(module_name, module_channel=0, extended_mode=False):
raise NotImplementedError
elif reading_type.startswith("fs"):
# fs -> analog input / output
info["reading_type"] = "fs"
info["bits"] = 16
info["type"] = "ANA_IN"
info["type"] = "ANA_OUT" if module_info.ana_out > 0 else "ANA_IN"
fs_low, fs_high = map(int, reading_type[2:].split("-"))
except ValueError:
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