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DOC CT2: add SPEC multi-board configuration

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......@@ -497,7 +497,7 @@ Counter or Macro Counter/Timer on the previous screen).
If you add a CT2 timer, the *Chan* must be **0**. The CT2 timer is capable of
working in 6 different frequencies: 1.25 KHz, 10 KHz, 125 KHz, 1 MHz, 12.5 MHz
and 100 MHz. The spec *Scale Factor* selects this frequency. The standard
working frequency is 1 MHz which correspondes to a *Scale Factor* of 1E6.
working frequency is 1 MHz which corresponds to a *Scale Factor* of 1E6.
Scaler (Counter) Configuration
......@@ -507,6 +507,33 @@ Example:
1 p201_3 p201_3 MAC_CNT 0 3 counter 1
#### Multiple P201 boards
Multiple P201 boards can be configured in Spec; each board requires an independent
entry in the SCALERS controller list. By default a board is configured as master and
started independently. CT2 masters are started sequentially (from last to first in the
config) so there is an intrinsic (accumulative) delay in their synchronization. A
better synchronization is obtained, as explained before, by connecting the output
channel of a master to the trigger input of the slave(s). The relation master/slave
must be explicitly indicated in the config of each slave controller through the *master*
parameter. To access the controller parameters go the *Motor and Counter Device
Configuration (Not CAMAC)*, move the cursor on top of the SCALER slave controller and
type 'p'. Then add the *master* parameter and set it to the Tango device name
(controller ADDR) of the master device:
Custom Parameters for "Macro Counter/Timer" Unit 1 1/1 configured
master id00/ct2/p201_lid001_0
The definition of the timer of each P201 board (channel 0) is optional. It is
recommended to set the main (first) *timebase* counter as a CT2 timer. This
configuration will allow that all the CT2 masters count for the specified time. Even if
the main timer can be a *Software Timer* and different CT2 boards can be configured
as independent masters, each CT2 board will be stopped as soon as the *Software Timer*
finishes, resulting in shorting and non-deterministic counting intervals.
## Supported acquisition types
Here is a brief summary of the current acquisition types supported by
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