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# Micos Motor controller
## Configuration example from ID10 EH2
This Bliss controller has been only tested with a Taurus controller (Firmware version 2.39) model and a Micos UPR160 AIR stage (air-bearing rotation stage).
## Configuration example
class: micos
......@@ -28,16 +31,39 @@
cloop_gstbit5sel: True
cloop_trigopsel: 0
cloop_wintime: 1.2E-3
tango_server: eh2_micos
tags: micos
encoder: $ths_enc
check_encoder: False
home_position: -129
- name: ths_enc
number: 1
steps_per_unit: 65550
above example works in case there is a \_\_init__.yml in the same directory containing
plugin: emotion
## further reading at ESRF
The configuration `encoders` entry is optional, but if you want to perform continuous scans using the **FSCAN** framework ( for instance, this is the only way to read the encoder resolution to convert the encoder steps into user unit.
## How to initialize the Micos controller after power off
After switching on the Micos motor controller and the compressed air we must execute this function (via reset_axis()).
This command not only initializes axis with the last saved parameters, but also moves axis to some place and set position to be 0 there.
Therefore after reset_axis() call, we must proceed to home search:
CDI [14]: ths.reset_axis()
CDI [15]: ths.home()
Moving ths from 100.02 to home
CDI [16]: 'ths` dial position reset from 124.639175 to 0.000168
'ths` position reset from 5.639128999999987 to -119.0 (sign: 1, offset: -119.000153)
## Further reading at ESRF
* [Micos id01 wiki](
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