Commit a0e403c9 authored by Cyril Guilloud's avatar Cyril Guilloud

new controller : Nanomotion FlexDC

parent 1fde716f
from bliss.controllers.motor import Controller
from bliss.common.axis import READY, MOVING
from bliss.common.task_utils import task, error_cleanup, cleanup
import random
import math
import time
from bliss.comm import tcp
Bliss controller for ethernet FlexDC piezo-motor controller.
Cyril Guilloud ESRF BLISS January 2014
class FlexDC(Controller):
def __init__(self, name, config, axes):
Controller.__init__(self, name, config, axes) = self.config.get("host")
# Init of controller.
def initialize(self):
self.sock = tcp.Socket(, 4000)
def finalize(self):
# Init of each axis.
def initialize_axis(self, axis): = axis.config.get("channel")
# Sets "point to point" motion mode.
# 0 -> point to point
# ( 1 -> jogging ; 2 -> position based gearing )
# ( 5 -> position based ECAM ; 8 -> Step command (no profile) )
print self._flexdc_query("%sMM=0"
# Special motion mode attribute parameter
# 0 -> no special mode
# ( 1 -> repetitive motion )
print self._flexdc_query("%sSM=0"
# Defines smoothing 4
print self._flexdc_query("%sWW=4"
# Check if closed loop parameters have been set
_ans = self._flexdc_query("%sTT"
if _ans == "0":
print "Missing closed loop param TT (Target Time)!!"
_ans = self._flexdc_query("%sTR"
if _ans == "0":
print "Missing closed loop param TR (Target Radius)!!"
def read_position(self, axis, measured=False):
# position in steps
_pos = self._flexdc_query("%sDP"
return _pos
def read_velocity(self, axis):
_velocity = self._flexdc_query("%sSP"
return _velocity
def read_state(self, axis):
ret = 0
sta = 0
_ansMS = self._flexdc_query("%sMS"
if(sta & (1<<0)):
ret |= 0x02
# return MOVING
return READY
def prepare_move(self, axis, target_pos, delta):
def start_move(self, axis, target_pos, delta):
def stop(self, axis):
_ans = self._flexdc_query("%sST"
FlexDC specific communication.
def _flexdc_query(self, cmd):
# Adds "\r" at end of command.
# TODO : test if not needed
_cmd = cmd + "\r"
# Adds ACK character:
_cmd = _cmd + "Z"
_ans = self.sock.write_readline(_cmd, eol=">" )
if self.sock.raw_read(1) != "Z":
print "missing ack character ???"
return _ans
def _get_id(self, channel):
_cmd = "%sVR"%channel
return self._flexdc_query(_cmd)
Returns information about controller.
Can be helpful to tune the device.
def _get_infos(self, channel):
# list of commands and descriptions
_infos = [
("AC", "Acceleration"),
("AD", "Analog Input Dead Band"),
("AF", "Analog Input Gain Factor"),
("AG", "Analog Input Gain"),
("AI", "Analog Input Value"),
("AP", "Next Absolute Position Target"),
("AS", "Analog Input Offset"),
("CA[36]", "Min dead zone"),
("CA[37]", "Max dead zone"),
("CA[33]", "Dead zone bit#1"),
("CG", "Axis Configuration"),
("DC", "Deceleration"),
("DL", "Limit deceleration"),
("DO", "DAC Analog Offset"),
("DP", "Desired Position"),
("EM", "Last end of motion reason"),
("ER", "Maximum Position Error Limit"),
("HL", "High soft limit"),
("IS", "Integral Saturation Limit"),
("KD[1]", "PIV Differential Gain"),
("KD[2]", "PIV Differential Gain (Scheduling)"),
("KI[1]", "PIV Integral Gain"),
("KI[2]", "PIV Integral Gain (Scheduling)"),
("KP[1]", "PIV Proportional Gain"),
("KP[2]", "PIV Proportional Gain (Scheduling)"),
("LL", "Low soft limit"),
("ME", "Master Encoder Axis Definition"),
("MF", "Motor Fault Reason"),
("MM", "Motion mode"),
("MO", "Motor On"),
("MS", "Motion Status"),
("NC", "No Control (Enable open loop)"),
("PE", "Position Error"),
("PO", "PIV Output"),
("PS", "Encoder Position Value"),
("RP", "Next Relative Position Target"),
("SM", "Special motion mode"),
("SP", "Velocity"),
("SR", "Status Register"),
("TC", "Torque (open loop) Command"),
("TL", "Torque Limit"),
("TR", "Target Radius"),
("TT", "Target Time"),
("VL", "Actual Velocity"), # Is this true?
("WW", "Smoothing") ]
_txt = ""
for i in _infos:
_cmd = "%s%s"%(channel, i[0])
_txt = _txt + "%35s %8s = %s \n"%(i[1], i[0], self._flexdc_query(_cmd))
return _txt
import unittest
import sys
import os
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "..")))
import bliss
config_xml = """
<controller class="FlexDC" name="id16phn">
<host value="flexdcnina"/>
<axis name="fd">
<channel value="X"/>
class TestFlexDCController(unittest.TestCase):
# called for each test
def setUp(self):
def test_get_axis(self):
fd = bliss.get_axis("fd")
def test_controller_from_axis(self):
fd = bliss.get_axis("fd")
self.assertEqual(, "id16phn")
def test_state(self):
fd = bliss.get_axis("fd")
print "FlexDC state :", fd.state()
# def test_get_position(self):
# fd = bliss.get_axis("fd")
# print "FlexDC position :", fd.position()
def test_get_id(self):
fd = bliss.get_axis("fd")
print "FlexDC ID :", fd.controller._get_id(
def test_get_velocity(self):
fd = bliss.get_axis("fd")
print "FlexDC valocity :", fd.velocity()
def test_get_infos(self):
fd = bliss.get_axis("fd")
print "FlexDC INFOS :\n", fd.controller._get_infos(
# # called at end of each test
# def tearDown(self):
# self.fd.controller.sock.close()
# def test_axis_move(self):
# fd = bliss.get_axis("fd")
# self.assertEqual(fd.state(), "READY")
# move_greenlet=fd.move(10, wait=False)
# self.assertEqual(fd.state(), "MOVING")
# move_greenlet.join()
# self.assertEqual(fd.state(), "READY")
if __name__ == '__main__':
NA Interactive test :
<controller class="FlexDC" name="id16phn">
<host value="flexdcnina"/>
<axis name="fd">
<channel value="X"/>
print a.controller._flexdc_get_id()
# print a.controller.sock.write_readline("\n")
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