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tests: writer log level warning in bliss tests

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...@@ -1142,6 +1142,6 @@ def nexus_writer_service(ports): ...@@ -1142,6 +1142,6 @@ def nexus_writer_service(ports):
device_fqdn = "tango://localhost:{}/{}".format(ports.tango_port, device_name) device_fqdn = "tango://localhost:{}/{}".format(ports.tango_port, device_name)
with start_tango_server( with start_tango_server(
"NexusWriterService", "testwriters", "--log", "info", device_fqdn=device_fqdn "NexusWriterService", "testwriters", "--log", "warning", device_fqdn=device_fqdn
) as dev_proxy: ) as dev_proxy:
yield device_fqdn, dev_proxy yield device_fqdn, dev_proxy
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