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Utility methods for server-side Redis scripts

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"""Utilities for Redis server-side scripts
_SCRIPTS = dict()
def register_script(redisproxy, script_name: str, script: str) -> None:
"""Local registration. The registration with the Redis server is
done on first usage.
if script_name in _SCRIPTS:
scriptobj = redisproxy.register_script(script)
scriptobj.registered_client = None
# scriptobj only contains the script hash and code
_SCRIPTS[script_name] = scriptobj
def evaluate_script(redisproxy, script_name: str, keys=tuple(), args=tuple()):
"""Evaluate a server-side Redis script
if script_name not in _SCRIPTS:
raise RuntimeError(f"Redis script {repr(script_name)} is not registered")
scriptobj = _SCRIPTS[script_name]
return scriptobj(keys=keys, args=args, client=redisproxy)
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