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Do not gather AcquisitionObject metadata for HasMetadataForScan controller....

Do not gather AcquisitionObject metadata for HasMetadataForScan controller. Before the opposite was done.
parent 87a0fc2c
...@@ -1471,18 +1471,35 @@ class Scan: ...@@ -1471,18 +1471,35 @@ class Scan:
else: else:
return return
if self._controllers_scan_meta:
instrument = self._controllers_scan_meta.instrument
instrument = None
for acq_obj in self.acq_chain.nodes_list: for acq_obj in self.acq_chain.nodes_list:
with KillMask(masked_kill_nb=1): # Controllers with the HasScanMetadata interface, as
fill_meta = getattr(acq_obj, method_name) # opposed to HasScanMetadataExclusive, will have their
metadata = fill_meta() # metadata already in scan_info.
if instrument:
if instrument.is_set(acq_obj):
# There is a difference between None and an empty dict. # There is a difference between None and an empty dict.
# An empty dict shows up as a group in the Nexus file # An empty dict shows up as a group in the Nexus file
# while None does not. # while None does not.
with KillMask(masked_kill_nb=1):
fill_meta = getattr(acq_obj, method_name)
metadata = fill_meta()
if metadata is None: if metadata is None:
continue continue
# Publish to the Redis node of the controller
node = self.nodes.get(acq_obj) node = self.nodes.get(acq_obj)
if node is not None: if node is not None:
update_node_info(node, metadata) update_node_info(node, metadata)
# Add to the local scan_info, but in a different
# place than where _controllers_scan_meta would put it
self._scan_info._set_device_meta(acq_obj, metadata) self._scan_info._set_device_meta(acq_obj, metadata)
...@@ -1502,23 +1519,14 @@ class Scan: ...@@ -1502,23 +1519,14 @@ class Scan:
@property @property
def _user_scan_meta(self): def _user_scan_meta(self):
if self.__user_scan_meta is None: if self.__user_scan_meta is None and self._enable_scanmeta:
self.__user_scan_meta = get_user_scan_meta().copy() self.__user_scan_meta = get_user_scan_meta().copy()
return self.__user_scan_meta return self.__user_scan_meta
@property @property
def _controllers_scan_meta(self): def _controllers_scan_meta(self):
if self.__controllers_scan_meta is None: if self.__controllers_scan_meta is None and self._enable_scanmeta:
# The metadata of controllers involved in the scan is collected self.__controllers_scan_meta = get_controllers_scan_meta()
# directly by `_metadata_of_acq_controllers`
scan_controller_names = []
for acq_obj in self.acq_chain.nodes_list:
# Register metadata generators for controllers not involved
# in the scan (filter out the scan_controller_names).
self.__controllers_scan_meta = get_controllers_scan_meta(
return self.__controllers_scan_meta return self.__controllers_scan_meta
def _update_scan_info_in_redis(self): def _update_scan_info_in_redis(self):
...@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ def get_user_scan_meta(): ...@@ -278,7 +278,7 @@ def get_user_scan_meta():
def get_controllers_scan_meta(filtered_controller_names=None): def get_controllers_scan_meta():
"""A new instance is created for every scan. """A new instance is created for every scan.
""" """
scan_meta = ScanMeta() scan_meta = ScanMeta()
...@@ -293,11 +293,6 @@ def get_controllers_scan_meta(filtered_controller_names=None): ...@@ -293,11 +293,6 @@ def get_controllers_scan_meta(filtered_controller_names=None):
continue continue
if not obj.scan_metadata_enabled: if not obj.scan_metadata_enabled:
continue continue
if filtered_controller_names and in filtered_controller_names:
# Controllers from which we need metadata, whether it is part of
# a scan or not, derive from HasMetadataForScan. When part of the
# scan the name will be in filtered_controller_names.
def metadata_generator(scan, obj=obj): def metadata_generator(scan, obj=obj):
""" """
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