Commit 5ef0a5dc authored by Matias Guijarro's avatar Matias Guijarro
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axis: do not need to call controller to clear an axis setting

parent b22d2f15
...@@ -2065,16 +2065,16 @@ class Axis: ...@@ -2065,16 +2065,16 @@ class Axis:
) )
if velocity: if velocity:
self.controller.axis_settings._clear(self, "velocity") self.settings.clear("velocity")
if acceleration: if acceleration:
self.controller.axis_settings._clear(self, "acceleration") self.settings.clear("acceleration")
if limits: if limits:
self.controller.axis_settings._clear(self, "low_limit") self.settings.clear("low_limit")
self.controller.axis_settings._clear(self, "high_limit") self.settings.clear("high_limit")
if sign: if sign:
self.controller.axis_settings._clear(self, "sign") self.settings.clear("sign")
if backlash: if backlash:
self.controller.axis_settings._clear(self, "backlash") self.settings.clear("backlash")
self.controller._init_settings(self) self.controller._init_settings(self)
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