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......@@ -9,6 +9,59 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
### Added
### Changed
### Fixed
### Removed
## [1.8.0 - 2021-05-28]
### Added
- new 'goto_min()' standard shell function
- diffractometer support
- calculations using libhkl from F.Picca (SOLEIL)
- new HKLTrajectoryMaster for scans
- 47 new spec-like commands: br, ubr, ca, ci, pa, setmode, ..., hklscan, etc.
- Axis
- user message when changing velocity or acceleration
- encoder steps per unit in info string
- Frontend shutter displays message on mode setting error
- ESRF CITY synchronization device support
- OPIOM output signals generator
- MOCO controller
- add set_default_config method which set parameters from yml file
- new oprange method
- check inbeam/outbeam methods
- take source=SOFT into account for 'inbeam' method
- allow 'undulator_prefix' in addition to 'undu_prefix' in Undulator yml configuration
- Writer
- prevents HDF5 file corruption in case of full disk
- print warning every 3 seconds if free disk space is below 1 GB
- FAULT state (will stop scan) if free space is below 200 MB
- add chunking and compression
- Display positions of real axes of calc motors during 'umv'
- MCS LA2000 Linear Servo Amplifier
- TwoMotorMaster: acquisition master for 2 independent motors
- additional check for good type of master and device in custom default chain
- ScanWagoHook: init, post_move, pre_move only called at first motion and last motion of a scan
- esrf hexapode reports metadata
- CT2
- Integrator functionality
- server: multi-board support for spec
- Lima
- NOSAVING mode handling
- ROI counters validity checks
- automatic adaptation of ROI after camera geometry changes
- improve error message on connection failure
- Shell
- new hardware initialization display during BLISS session initialization
- new 'tw' standard shell command
- display a graphical interface to move selected motors and count
- log message at BLISS startup
- session creation script displays Beacon server
- Flint
- Added a tool to reset a curve plot to the used plotselect
- Added dedicated widget for acqobj exposing 1D data
......@@ -45,6 +98,19 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
### Changed
- Shell
- based on ptpython 3
- integration with asyncio with aiogevent
- starts in monochrome mode
- relative scans (dscans) translated to absolute scans in data saving
- ICEPAP motor controller: better error message if connection cannot be established
- raises CommunicationError exception
- Lima
- '.use_background_substraction' is replaced by 'use_background' True/False, and 'background_source'image/file
- progress bar refactoring
- new progress bar based on tqdm, avoid memory leak
- progress bar is no more intertwined with scan chain
- ct output: refactoring of formatting code
- Flint
- When Flint is not fast enough to reach data from Redis, NaN values
are used in order to keep the data alignment
......@@ -56,13 +122,29 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
- Client re-connection on server restart
- Improved management of current_configuration / default_configuration
- Project: Remove `-conda` suffix from requirement files
- PI E712 E753
- uniformization of communication and recorder.
- "wave" motion generator.
### Fixed
- Motion hook: post_scan is now executed after motor moved back to original position in case of 'dscan'
- better identification of communication errors
- when server is restarted, reconfigures device automatically
- block size adjusts automatically for Mercury and FalconX
- avoid collision between server and service methods
- disconnect callback
- reporting of BaseException raised in server to client
- reporting of Timeout exception
- Settings
- Struct: avoid too many calls to redis by using `__getattr__` instead of `__getattribute__`
- use redis to determine last access time
- CalcMotorController: avoid recursive calls in '_real_position_update'
- Display of Alias column in lscnt()
- Measurement Group
- fix counters returned in random order
- Flint
- Fix initial curve plot selection in order to properly reuse user selection
- Fixed slow rendering occurred on live curves and scatters with fast scans
......@@ -75,6 +157,52 @@ and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](
### Removed
- import of SpecClient_gevent in spec communication module
- as a consequence, "spec array" type is not supported
- .statistics for scans
- was source of a memory leak
- for now: replaced by debugging with yappi
- equivalent, graphical version based on work by Linus before he left will be proposed
## [1.7.4 - 2021-05-27]
### Added
- saving of Lima ROI collection
- regulation
- new Pace controller
- Eurotherm 2000 (old temperature framework Eurotherm is kept for compatibility)
- new Smaract MCS2 motor controller
- new "oscilloscope" module, new Lecroy oscilloscope
### Changed
- Bump silx version to 0.14.1
### Fixed
- Newport XPS: autoHome is now properly set to False by default, config checks for boolean value
- fix logging of unicode characters in Electronic Logbook
- CalcCounterController now works with aliases
- fixed bad sleep time in integrating counter reading loop
- removed 3-second hardcoded timeout waiting for STARTING state in scan group
- saving: ensure dataset is sent to ICAT even when missing Redis nodes (incomplete metadata)
- reset md5 cache on MUSST after RESET command is called
- scanning: ensure reading tasks are killed when acquisition stop fails
- Pilatus hardware ROIs
- Aerotech motor controller bug in "._cmd" method
- P201 (client side): clear buffer at the end of reading, in case acq. obj is reused
- Elmo controller, added retries and communication improvement
- Calc motor controller and dial_position with disabled caching
- Flint
- Default workspace per BLISS session
- Fixed slow rendering occurred on live curves and scatters with fast scans
- The video image is now also used for Lima EXTRERNAL_TRIGGER and EXTERNAL_GATE
- Fixed memory leak on OpenGL when a widget is not visible
- Fixed blinking of the regulation plot legend
### Removed
## [1.7.3 - 2021-03-22]
### Added
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