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......@@ -228,14 +228,67 @@ Their role is to ease the definition of tests by factorizing some procedures.
* `beacon`: to give access to the configuration in the test function via `config`
* `session`: to run testss within a BLISS session
* `session`: to run tests within a BLISS session
* `log_context`: allows to get access to logging mechanisms
- results are readable via `caplog` module
* other examples: `lima_simulator`, `dummy_tango_server`, `wago_tango_server`
#### session
`session` fixture gives access to `test_session` Bliss session:
* config
def test_SampCnt_statistics(session):
diode = session.config.get("diode")
diode2 = session.config.get("diode2")
* env_dict
def test_SampCnt_mode_SINGLE(session):
env_dict = session.env_dict
diode2 = env_dict["diode2"]
diode8 = env_dict["diode8"]
* `config_app_port`
* `homepage_app_port`
* `beacon_tmpdir`
* `beacon_directory`
* `log_directory`
* `images_directory`
* ports:
- `redis_port`
- `redis_data_port`
- `tango_port`
- `beacon_port`
- `cfgapp_port`
- `logserver_port`
- `homepage_port`
#### capsys
`capsys` module gives access to the standard output and error.
`capsys` fixture gives access to the standard output and error.
def test_bench(beacon, setup_globals, capsys):
with bench():
captured = capsys.readouterr()
assert "Execution time: 1s" in captured.out
see also: `capsysbinary`, `capfd`, and `capfdbinary` fixtures.
#### approx
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