Commit 47f1ebb4 authored by Valentin Valls's avatar Valentin Valls

Use the display name API to display popups

parent 1fef5c4d
......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ from silx.gui.plot.items.histogram import Histogram
from silx.gui.plot.items.image import ImageData
from bliss.flint.model import plot_model
from bliss.flint.model import plot_item_model
from bliss.flint.model import scan_model
from bliss.flint.utils import signalutils
......@@ -388,10 +389,9 @@ class FlintCurve(Curve, _FlintItemMixIn):
yValue = yy[index]
plotItem = self.customItem()
if plotItem is not None:
assert plotItem.yChannel() is not None and plotItem.xChannel() is not None
xName = plotItem.xChannel().displayName(scan)
yName = plotItem.yChannel().displayName(scan)
if isinstance(plotItem, plot_item_model.CurveMixIn):
xName = plotItem.displayName("x", scan)
yName = plotItem.displayName("y", scan)
plotItem = None
xName = "X"
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