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......@@ -15,14 +15,50 @@ logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class KillMask:
"""All exceptions which are the result of a `kill(SomeException)`
call on the greenlet in which the KillMask context is entered,
will be delayed until context exit, except for `gevent.Timeout`.
will be DELAYED until the context exit. The only exception that
is not delayed is `gevent.Timeout`.
Upon exit, only the last captured exception is re-raised.
Upon exiting the `KillMask` context, only the last captured
exception is re-raised.
Optionally we can set a limit to the number of `kill` calls
that will be delayed.
Warning: this does not delay interrupts.
that will be delayed. The prevent the possibility that a greenlet
can never be killed (see example below).
As this is entirely based on intercepting `kill` calls:
- this can never work in the main greenlet
- this only works in `BlissGreenlet` greenlets
Note: `KeyboardInterrupt` is always raised in the main greenlet,
never in other greenlets unless someone explicitely calls
`kill(KeyboardInterrupt)`. Apart from the later case, `KillMask`
does not delay `KeyboardInterrupt`.
A typical use case of `KillMask` is this:
def greenlet_main():
with KillMask(masked_kill_nb=1):
We assume this code does not run in the main greenlet. Whenever
you use a cooperative call, you could receive an exception in
`greenlet_main` originating from a `kill` on the executing greenlet.
The default exception is `GreenletExit` which is a `BaseException`.
In the exception could occur in three locations (assuming they
all use cooperative calls):
1. exception in <setup>: <cleanup> is not called
2. exception in <body>: <cleanup> is called thanks to try-finally
3. exception in <cleanup>: <cleanup> is fully executed thanks to `Killmask`
If <cleanup> is blocking, the `Killmask` prevents the executing
greenlet from being killed. Hence the usage of `masked_kill_nb=1`.
The first `kill` gets intercepted but the second `kill` does not.
def __init__(self, masked_kill_nb=-1):
......@@ -114,7 +150,8 @@ _GeventGreenlet = greenlet.Greenlet
class BlissGreenlet(_GeventGreenlet):
"""KillMask can only work when entered in a greenlet of type `BlissGreenlet`
"""The `KillMask``context can only work when entered in
a greenlet of type `BlissGreenlet`.
def __init__(self, *args, **kw):
......@@ -160,7 +197,7 @@ class BlissGreenlet(_GeventGreenlet):
class BlissTimeout(_GeventTimeout):
"""KillMask can only work when timeouts are of type `BlissTimeout`
"""KillMask can only work when timeouts are of type `BlissTimeout`.
def _on_expiration(self, prev_greenlet, ex):
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