Commit 364b6b79 authored by Wout De Nolf's avatar Wout De Nolf

[writer] explicit file locked exception

parent 306fc353
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......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ import numpy
import os
import errno
import re
import traceback
import pprint
import logging
import bliss
......@@ -30,6 +31,7 @@ from contextlib import contextmanager
from import dicttojson, dicttoini
from .io_utils import mkdir
from ..utils import data_merging
from ..utils.process_utils import file_processes
DEFAULT_PLOT_NAME = "plotselect"
......@@ -814,6 +816,49 @@ def nxProcess(parent, name, configdict=None, raise_on_exists=False, **kwargs):
return h5group
def isErrno(e, errno):
:param OSError e:
:returns bool:
# Because e.__cause__ is None for chained exceptions
return "errno = {}".format(errno) in "".join(traceback.format_exc())
def isLockedError(e):
:param OSError e:
:returns bool:
# errno.EAGAIN: could also mean SWMR mode is required
return isErrno(e, errno.EAGAIN)
def isNoAccessError(e):
:param OSError e:
:returns bool
return any(isErrno(e, _errno) for _errno in [errno.ENOENT, errno.EACCES])
def lockedErrorMessage(filename):
:param str filename:
:returns str:
msg = "File is locked (name = {})".format(repr(filename))
pattern = ".+{}$".format(os.path.basename(filename))
procs = file_processes(pattern)
if procs:
msg += " by one of these processes:"
for fname, proc in procs:
msg += "\n {}: {}".format(proc, fname)
msg += "\n"
msg += "Please terminate the locking process. External applications should open the file in read-only mode with file locking disabled."
return msg
class File(h5py.File):
def __init__(
......@@ -857,12 +902,12 @@ class File(h5py.File):
except BaseException:
except OSError as e:
# errno.EAGAIN: file is locked
if (
swmr is not None
or mode != "r"
or not HASSWMR
or e.errno == errno.EAGAIN
or not isErrno(e, errno.EAGAIN)
# Try reading with opposite SWMR mode
......@@ -29,7 +29,6 @@ from import nexus
from ..utils import scan_utils
from ..utils.logging_utils import CustomLogger
from ..utils.array_order import Order
from ..utils.process_utils import log_file_processes
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
......@@ -456,11 +455,12 @@ class NexusScanWriterBase(base_subscriber.BaseSubscriber):
yield nxroot
self._nxroot[level] = None
except BaseException:
if nxroot is None:
pattern = ".+{}$".format(os.path.basename(filename))
log_file_processes(self.logger.error, pattern)
except OSError as e:
if nxroot is None and nexus.isLockedError(e):
self._exception_is_fatal = True
raise RuntimeError(nexus.lockedErrorMessage(filename)) from None
self._nxroot[level] = None
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