Commit 338b0a2a authored by Sebastien Petitdemange's avatar Sebastien Petitdemange
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axis: check if ready for the movement in controller.

Check if an axis can move or not is now done in the controller.
parent 2a242c9d
......@@ -1725,16 +1725,8 @@ class Axis:
def _check_ready(self):
initial_state = self.state
if not initial_state.READY and not initial_state.MOVING:
# read state from hardware
initial_state = self.hw_state
if not initial_state.READY:
raise RuntimeError(
"axis %s state is " "%r" % (, str(initial_state))
if not self.controller.check_ready_to_move(self, self.state):
raise RuntimeError("axis %s state is " "%r" % (, str(self.state)))
def move(self, user_target_pos, wait=True, relative=False, polling_time=None):
......@@ -361,6 +361,17 @@ class Controller:
def state(self, axis):
raise NotImplementedError
def check_ready_to_move(self, axis, state):
method to check if the axis can move with the current state
if not state.READY and not state.MOVING:
# read state from hardware
state = axis.hw_state
return state.READY
def get_info(self, axis):
raise NotImplementedError
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