Commit 300b467f authored by Perceval Guillou's avatar Perceval Guillou
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handle switch musst subitem

parent 3cf1a486
......@@ -380,6 +380,33 @@ class musst(BlissController):
def _get_default_chain_counter_controller(self):
return self._counter_controllers["icc"]
def _create_subitem_from_config(
self, name, cfg, parent_key, item_class, item_obj=None
# Called when a new subitem is created (i.e accessed for the first time via self._get_subitem)
Return the instance of a new item owned by this controller.
name: item name
cfg : item config
parent_key: the config key under which the item was found (ex: 'counters').
item_class: a class to instantiate the item (None if item is a reference)
item_obj: the item instance (None if item is NOT a reference)
return: item instance
# currently the only subitem of the musst with a name in config
# would be a channel of type switch which is expected to be a reference
# so item_class should be None and item_obj should be the switch instance
if parent_key == "channels":
if cfg.get("type") == "switch":
return item_obj
raise NotImplementedError
def _channels_init(self, config):
""" Handle configured channels """
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