Commit 2ea007a3 authored by blissadm_ID31@bibhelm's avatar blissadm_ID31@bibhelm Committed by Matias Guijarro
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axis: disable controller in case of CommunicationError

parent 192d041b
......@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@ from bliss.config.channels import Channel
from bliss.common.logtools import log_debug, user_print
from bliss.common.utils import rounder
from bliss.common.utils import autocomplete_property
from bliss.comm.exceptions import CommunicationError
import enum
import gevent
......@@ -660,7 +661,10 @@ def lazy_init(func):
raise RuntimeError(f"Axis {} is disabled")
except Exception:
except Exception as e:
if isinstance(e, CommunicationError):
# also disable the controller
self.controller._disabled = True
self._disabled = True
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